Advanced Ceramic Appearance Protection

AGlaze is...“Aerospace-Level Protection”

Born of Aerospace Technology, AGlaze is the only paint sealant product that carries the Boeing and Airbus certification for use on aircraft and is used by the world’s major airlines to protect their aircraft’s paintwork from the harsh environment at high altitudes.

The cross-linking polymers in AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection form an impenetrable bond with your vehicle’s finish, guaranteeing your paint will remain undamaged from environmental hazards.

AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection fabric treatment forms and invisible hydrophobic barrier that resists permanent stain damage from spills and makes upholstery easy to clean.

AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection leather/vinyl treatment protects the leather/vinyl from the sun’s harmful UV rays, extending the life of leather upholstery andprevents cracking and fading.


The AGlaze Advanced Ceramic Appearance Protection plan provides “Aerospace-Level Surface Protection” for your vehicle’s painted finish as well as your wheels, chrome, and matte finished surfaces from environmental hazards such as:

• Acid rain
• Bird droppings
• Tree sap
• Industrial fall out
• Sun fading
• Loss of gloss
• Oxidation
• Insects (including love bugs)
• Water spotting


The AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection plan will provide your vehicle’s interior with a hydrophobic formula designed to protect from human, animal, and environmental hazards such as:

• Food and drink spills
• Permanent stains
• Ink
• Dye
• Lipstick
• Crayons
• Urine
• Vomit
• Oil based stains
• Rips, tears and burns