AGlaze is the leading

AGlazes produces unique protective sealant coatings for all types of painted surface, fiberglass gel coats, plastics, glass, textiles and leather. Our products are used in a variety of fields including the Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Caravan, Motorhome & Glazing Industries.


AGlaze, an offspring of cutting-edge Aerospace Technology, stands alone as the sole paint sealant product endowed with prestigious certifications from Boeing and Airbus, authorizing its application on aircraft. Trusted by renowned global airlines, it serves as a guardian for their aircraft’s paintwork against the relentless elements encountered at lofty altitudes.


Through the utilization of cross-linking polymers, AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection establishes an impervious union with the surface of your vehicle. This steadfast bond ensures that your paint remains unscathed by the perils posed by environmental hazards.


AGlaze Marine Surface Sealant, crafted from a silicon-free fluoro-polymer resin, offers robust defense to painted and GRP surfaces against prevalent sources of deterioration. Shielding them from the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution, acid rain, and bird lime, it ensures their enduring protection.


AGlaze, a silicon-free fluoro-polymer resin, acts as a safeguard for painted and GRP surfaces, shielding them from prevalent factors that contribute to deterioration. These encompass ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution, acid rain, and bird lime, ensuring their long-lasting protection.


Protect the investment of your Rig and Trailor by using AGlaze trucks sealants. AGlaze protects wheels, paint, bare metal, aluminum, chrome, plastic and vinyl wrapping on trucks. It can be applied either by mop with our aviation grade sealant or sprayed on with our water based sealant.

Solar Panels

In collaboration with a renowned supercar manufacturer known for their technological expertise, the creators of A Glaze have unveiled a groundbreaking carbon fibre protector. This revolutionary solution aims to safeguard the increasing array of luxurious carbon fibre surfaces employed across the industry.