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The cross-linking polymers in AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection form an impenetrable bond with your vehicle’s finish, guaranteeing your paint will remain undamaged from environmental hazards.

AGlaze Advanced Appearance Protection fabric treatment forms and invisible hydrophobic barrier that resists permanent stain damage from spills and makes upholstery easy to clean.



Recreational Vehicles



How does AGlaze combat get ready non application issues in auto dealerships?

  • AGlaze is quick and easy to apply
  • AGlaze contains a rinse aid that speeds up drying
  • AGlaze eliminates calcium out of faucet hard water
  • Get ready staff always want to apply AGlaze sealant
  • Customers always go home with an AGlaze treated vehicle
  • Happy customers want to buy AGlaze again from the dealership

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Poly Ceramic


Premium Aero


Environmental Shield



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AGlaze come off in the car wash?

No. Once applied the AGlaze Sealant bonds to the surface and stays flexible which allows it to withstand extremes in temperature.

Can I use AGlaze on wheels?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant is very effective at protecting wheels from corrosion caused by brake dust and road salt.

Can I use this product on vinyl wrapped vehicles?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant can be safely applied to vinyl wrapped vehicles and will not change the appearance.

Is this product safe to use on Matte painted surfaces?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant can be safely applied to matte painted surfaces and will not change the appearance of the paint.

Which AGlaze product protects against Corrosion damage?

AGlaze water based Ceramic Sealant is highly effective at reducing damage caused by corrosion.

Which AGlaze product protects against UV damage?

AGlaze Premium Aero converts UV to harmless infrared light and is used in the Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries.

Which product should I use on tall sided vehicles such as RV’s trucks and School busses?

You can use both AGlaze Ceramic Sealant and AGlaze Premium Aero on tall sided vehicles.