AGlaze Crystal Vision

A revolutionary exterior glass cleaner and sealant for all types of glass applications. AGlaze Crystal Vision is a silicon free glass cleaner and hydrophobic coating with oil and water repellent properties.  Easy to use, it forms a long lasting protective barrier on glass, keeping it in pristine condition and highly water repellent.  

AGlaze Crystal Vision is used by marine and superyacht industries to make glass self-cleaning, whilst improving visibility during bad weather. Highly effective, it is ideal for automotive use, as water simply beads and runs off treated windshields.

Once applied to glass, it becomes easy to clean and requires less use of windshield wipers in wet weather.  No need to clean windshields with vinegar or other acid based cleaners, as hard to clean dirt, grime, calcium build up, salt and soiling are easier to remove once the glass has been treated with Crystal Vision.

Crystal Vision wipes: Ideal for automotive windshields

AGlaze Crystal Vision is available in single use wipes, that contain precisely the right amount of Crystal Vision to treat the exterior of a windshield.

Application is Simple and Quick

  • Wipe over dry windshield
  • Allow to dry for 30 seconds
  • Buff with a damp microfiber cloth
  • CV is cured and windshield is treated.

The Benefits

  • Simple to apply one-step application that cleans the windshield as it is applies
  • Avoids problems with ‘clean then apply’ two separate packets system
  • Vastly improves vision when driving in rain and reduces wiper use
  • One wipe per windshield and avoids contamination from other windshields