Recreational Vehicles

Used by the Aviation, Marine Automotive and Military sectors to protect the surfaces of expensive inventory, AGlaze is the only sealant company in the world to provide both anti corrosion and anti UV protection sealants for the RV industry.

AGlaze sealants are incredibly simple to apply to all large surface area / tall vehicles, just wipe over the surface with a microfiber pad on an extendable mop. Surfaces are treated evenly , quickly and safely, whilst also avoiding the requirement to climb onto ladders.

AGlaze Treatments For RV's (Can Be Combined)

AGlaze PolyCeramic Water Based Ceramic Sealant

  • Highly effective at resisting corrosion whilst protects and glossing the surface.
  • Apply to a wet or dry surface.  Ideally after the vehicle has been washed, as AGlaze PolyCeramic dries whilst it applies.

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AGlaze Premium Aero Aviation Grade Sealant

  • The world’s most effective UV barrier sealant, designed to gloss and double the paint life of commercial aircraft. 
  • It contains a cyclic polymer that converts UV into infra-red light that is harmless to surfaces and stays active for the lifetime of the sealant.
  • Used to protect super yachts, private / commercial aircraft, AGlaze Aviation was the only sealant capable of protecting Concorde at Mach 2.

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