AGlaze Truck Treatment

Protect the investment of your Rig and Trailor by using AGlaze trucks sealants. AGlaze protects wheels, paint, bare metal, aluminum, chrome, plastic and vinyl wrapping on trucks. It can be applied either by mop with our aviation grade sealant or sprayed on with our water based sealant.

AGlaze glosses and protects both interior and exterior surfaces for up to five years. Application is quick and easy, requiring no curing time, no mixing, no applicators, no breathing apparatus and no reapplication, top ups or conservers.

Trucks can be treated quickly using affordable labor rates with minimal application training required. AGlaze is safe over glass, plastic, rubber and trim without leaving white marks or dust. Giving a high level of protection, treated rigs and trailors stay looking clean and resist dirt and corrosion. Cleaning time and maintenance costs are reduced and branding / livery stays in clear view.

Interior protection treats the vinyl, leather and fabric of your rig leaving AGlaze Glass Sealant to keep the glass clean and to improve visibility when raining.

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AGlaze forms a smooth expandable highly hydrophobic barrier that sits half a micron in height and stops contamination from bonding to a treated surface. The primary roles of AGlaze sealants are to protect, maintain, reduce cleaning and enhance the look of the treated surface. AGlaze sealant is stable to 900 degrees F. and our aviation grade sealant also converts UV into harmless infra-red light. AGlaze hydrophobic properties repel airborne / water based contaminants that damage and oxidize untreated surfaces.


Retailer & Fleet Benefits

In addition to forming a barrier over the treated surface, AGlaze hydrophobic effect reduces surface tension. Water that is contaminated with corrosive substances will bead and run off a treated surface. This process also forms a protective bridge over small gaps, which normally allow the ingress of water contaminated with corrosive substances. AGlaze provides a simple and cost effective solution to a number of fleet issues:

  • Keeps fleets cleaner for longer, significantly reduces cleaning frequency, time & costs.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by assisting fleets in protecting against corrosion.
  • Easily removes insects & dirt: No more harsh chemicals & high pressure washing.
  • Protects against elements: acid rain, industrial fallout, snow, ice, salt & stops UV.
  • Maintains gloss on clean surfaces and restores dull, flat and faded surfaces.
  • Enhances life of painted and bare metal surfaces i.e. wheels and bright work.




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Poly Ceramic


Premium Aero


Environmental Shield



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AGlaze come off in the car wash?

No. Once applied the AGlaze Sealant bonds to the surface and stays flexible which allows it to withstand extremes in temperature.

Can I use AGlaze on wheels?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant is very effective at protecting wheels from corrosion caused by brake dust and road salt.

Can I use this product on vinyl wrapped vehicles?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant can be safely applied to vinyl wrapped vehicles and will not change the appearance.

Is this product safe to use on Matte painted surfaces?

Yes. AGlaze Sealant can be safely applied to matte painted surfaces and will not change the appearance of the paint.

Which AGlaze product protects against Corrosion damage?

AGlaze water based Ceramic Sealant is highly effective at reducing damage caused by corrosion.

Which AGlaze product protects against UV damage?

AGlaze Premium Aero converts UV to harmless infrared light and is used in the Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries.

Which product should I use on tall sided vehicles such as RV’s trucks and School busses?

You can use both AGlaze Ceramic Sealant and AGlaze Premium Aero on tall sided vehicles.